Caden was 5 months 3 weeks old.

Caden’s Bedroom is finally done!
🔺🤖Robot & Geometric Triangle Theme 🤖🔺

I finished it just before his 6 month birthday, but I think it could grow with him for years. We are always late in getting our kids room ready for them, they don’t even use them/sleep in them for months, right! I was able to use the same color on the walls from Vera’s room and furniture (rocking chair, side table, crib, dresser, changer, bookcase) from the girls. So I was able to really transform the room with some new wall decor triangles, name sign and art from Etsy, accessories, and navy curtains I sewed from an old bedsheet! I feel like kids rooms are where your imagination and design can go wild, it’s the one time it can be bold and fun!

The triangle panels are from @feltrightproducts . I was looking for something visually exciting, unique, and different in his room as a focal point! I was also looking for something very EASY to do with 3 kids running around. I love the added bonus of sound muffling between his room and his sisters. Lastly, I think this design is great and will grow with him to his big boy room in the future. We could also repurpose them as pin/”cork” boards in the future!

(via @naudebynature )